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"... a miracle considering the mix of spirits he had in his body."
El Comidista (

"...and I am fresh as a fucking daisy"
The Carouser Magazine (

"I felt great the next morning! I got up and went to the gym, which I never do after a night out."
Josephine (London)

"Zero headache, zero thickness, I only feel the consequences of a short sleep and some tiredness and that's it. Bravo!"
Dani (Barcelona)

"I did my own experiment on Saturday night and it worked!"
Ben (London)

"What is this? Very special taste and huge potential, perfect for a recovery cocktail!"
Daniel (Brighton)

"It works!"
James (London)

"When you drink it, it feels like you're drinking something good and with no hangover the next day, it is officially my new best friend!"
Charmaine (Brighton)

"It works, my mind is still fresh."
Michael (Málaga)

"I've just tried Cool Dawn this morning, after waking up with a pretty nasty hangover, and I can't believe that within an hour (honest!), I feel like a normal human being again!"
Ellie (Brighton)

"I had a can the morning after, with already a terrible headache... and in one hour I felt recovered enough to face the 300 miles driving trip I had planned. I will certainly repeat but I will have it at the end of the night!"
Àlvar (Barcelona)

"After a pretty intense working day, a good dinner and some drinks, I had a can of Cool Dawn just before going to bed...and I woke up with a fresh mind and not even tired!"
Niko (Barcelona)

"It really helped, in twenty minutes I felt better!"
Matt (London)

"I had a big wedding, enjoyed a lot and I was about to pay the consequences... I felt hungover in the morning, I had one can of your magic drink and... after breakfast I felt fine, just tired but no hangover... thank you!"
Diana (Zurich)

"I had a Cool Dawn in the New Year's Eve and it has been the best New Year's morning of my life. Still tired but no hangover, it really works!"
Iñigo (La Rioja)

"I would like to say that I have tried Cool Dawn and it worked! I never thought that I would be in the gym on a sunday morning!"
Will (Brighton)

"Well it worked, no hangover!! Spoke to someone else who also had one can and he said the same."
Dave (Brighton)

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